• Overview
  • Lubrication Plus is total solution provider of lubrication management. It was founded in 1999, and as franchise of Noria Corp in USA, and WearCheck Int'l in Canada, Lubrication Plus has provided services, and solutions for lubrication management over 20 years to most of industries like Power Plant, Petrochemical, Refinery, Paper, Steel, Cement, and Marine fields.

    Lubrication Plus is R&D oriented company which has its own laboratory, R&D, and manufacturing facility together with professional engineers certified from "ICML", "Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics (Tribology)", and is carrying out for 2-3 new development projects, creating more than 3 patents per a year. Based on world class engineering capability, accumulated know-how, Lubrication Plus has developed/launched various innovative products to lubrication management such as purifiers, air breathers, sight glass, analyzers, oil condition monitoring system, and sensors which have sufficiently proven track records for successful projects with key customers in the industry.

    Lubrication Plus was appointed as honorable "Pre-Star Company" in 2018, "Star Company" in May 2020 by Daegu City, continuing to grow. It will be remained as a reliable partner of customers, and their valuable asset on site.

  • Vison & Mission
  • Vision
    Global Leader of Lubrication Management
    Lubrication Plus is looking for global business partners who are specialized in the field of lubrication management in each country
    Reduction of Customer's O&M cost, and productivity improvement by Lubrication Management Technology