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It is World's 1st MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry) Tester that confirms to ASTM D7843 (Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricant Generated Insoluble Color Bodies in In-Service Turbine Oils using Membrane Patch Colorimetry). It quantifies the varnish potential of Turbine, EHC, Hydraulic Oils in CIE delta E value.

Key Features

▪ Fully Automation: Process of loading, validating, and testing of the samples is done automatically within 10 seconds after loading
▪ Display : Patch image, MPC delta E, delta L, a, b value, Trending per machine to be managed.
▪ MPC tester for laboratory analyzer that meets ASTM D7843 for the first time in the world
▪ Automatic Diagnostic Reporting: Automatic diagnosis of the measured result (normal a, normal b, caution, warning)
▪ Automatic Validation: Automatically performs device validation after power on.
▪ Trend management
▪ Advanced Software: The software allows trend management, creating report (with captured image), saving up to 1000 data, setting automatic repeat tests (1-10) and calibration of the tester