RH% Moisture Sensor

RH% Moisture Sensor

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Water contamination is a representative cause that badly affects oil along with particle contamination. Water contamination reduces oil life, e.g., damage to the base oil, loss of additives, etc., accelerates corrosion of the equipment, and destroys the lubricating film which brings metal-to-metal contact. Metal-to-metal contact causes abnormal wear and failure of the equipment. Water in oil exists in three types, i.e., free, emulsified, and dissolved. When water flows into oil from the outside or is generated by dew condensation, it is necessary to quickly detect
and establish countermeasures to prevent the above-mentioned problems.

Key Features

• Extremely sensitive to various water contamination
• Free water is harmful to the equipment. Laboratory ppm measurement can not detect whether or not free water is
present in the oil, but this water saturation % sensor can detect the presence of free water in the oil.
• Measurable value down to 0.1% under various harsh operating conditions • Oil humidity sensor with special technology. Very stable and robust
• Well-designed sensor probe structure for easy cleaning